Mamba Kit Freestyle Football and Ball Pump yellow

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Mamba Kit Freestyle Football and Ball Pump yellow

  • Brand: Mamba

  • Material ball: rubber

  • Material pump: plastic

  • Knobbed surface offers extremely good grip

  • can be controlled very well and played with a lot of spin

  • perfect ball to improve ball skills and to practice artistic tricks

  • Mamba Freestyle soccer helps you to get into the art of soccer freestyle

  • incl. gift box

  • Incl. Ball Pump (needle is stowed in the pump handle)

  • Including flyer with instructions for 2 tricks

  • official weight and size (size 5)

  • the delivery takes place in an uninflated condition

  • Please do not insert the needle deep into the ball bladder when inflating, but only insert 1/3 and inflate

  • NEW, with label & original packaging