Sondico Pedibus Indoor Counrt Trainers

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Sondico Pedibus Indoor Counrt Trainers

Sondico Pedibus Indoor Counrt Tenisky Pánske

The Sondico Pedibus Indoor Counrt Trainers are ideal for wearing on indoor courts and provide comfort, support and assist with your touch whilst playing. The trainers feature a highly textured sole that ensures good traction whilst playing and allows you to move around the pitch with ease. The trainers are constructed with multiple panels wrapping around the front and side of the trainers that help you control the ball with ease and play the killer pass on the pitch.

> Futbal školiteľov
> Krytý súd
> Padded upper panels
> Textúrou čele
> Non-označovanie jediným
> Sondico značky
> Zvršok: syntetické, textilné
> Vnútorné: textilné
> Jediným: syntetický

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