JELEX Nature Walking Sticks blue

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JELEX Nature Walking Sticks blue

  • Brand: JELEX

  • Material: aluminum 6063

  • Set consisting of two walking sticks including accessories

  • Dead weight (per stick): approx. 320 g

  • Adjustment range: approx. 66 cm - 137 cm

  • suitable for height: approx. 112 cm - 198 cm

  • ergonomically shaped handles with adjustable hand strap

  • Foam insert under the handle

  • four attachments for different surfaces (normal, winter, stone, mud and sand), one pair each

  • with antishock technology

  • 3-part telescopic pole (adjustable in size) with L length, open / close and stop markings

  • Set to the required L length and tighten it (pay attention to the STOP marking), you will hear a click at the L length marking

  • Optimal setting in straight terrain - elbows at a 90 ° angle, uphill the pole length is shortened depending on the steepness of the terrain, downhill it is extended accordingly

  • guarantees joint-friendly hiking and a secure hold

  • Poles can be combined with two connecting pieces

  • incl. Bag with drawstring and shoulder strap

  • suitable for the whole family

  • NEW, with original packaging